the motives I recently changed my username (“ironyiet”) in @Twitter account to “RealAnaSDan”

I’ve changed my user name in @Twitter because of #characterMurder on my #NationalIdentity (Israelian Jewish), my #Citizenship (Israelian, from 1973 and Romanian (from birth till 1973 and again from 1985 by “repatriation”) and on my all biography and image including my photos, my Poetry and my articles written published by Romanian papers “Lumea”, (“The World”) in 1982 and “Tribuna Romaniei” (“The Tribune of Romania”, cultural magazine for the Ro. Diaspora, Israel and US inclusively) as they are intensely recalled and cited my words and my verses as being theirs when I never gave up to my author rights only to be plundered & “replaced” like this! (as even my usual gestures are recalled by those mass-media people politicians etc. pretending they ignore me actually as if I ever existed or probably I acted a “farce” against their sensible & naive “common sense”!!!
Meanwhile in the real life, they’ve knocked me down or thrown me “to the dogs”, beginning with the well known CIA’s founded broadcasting Free Europe Radio, the Department in Ro. Language( then in Muenchen, WG) that published in the Israeli Daily newspaper in Romanian, “Our Life”,”Viata Noastra”, in 1982 a very poisonous rather obscene article entitled “The Two Orphans” vilifying me & my mother, continuing after I “repatriated” with those in the Ro. Int.Affairs Minister that bluntly threat me in 1986 that they’ll use against me all their methods of #surveillance, only to deceive me(?!) and “no matter what kind of changes will happen in Ro. itself” they’ll continue pursue me “en detail” as they “don’t trust me”(?!), so I wasn’t told the reason of their very intimidating threat!, finishing with the overtly inimical attitude of the Jewish Romanian Community as they sabotaged my medical career together with the Ro. as in 1987 I was suddenly announced by a very temper-tantrum unleashed christian Ro. senior “colleague”: “Ro isn’t your motherland, neither is Israel for you, go to Russia!” and he added I’ll take seriously his sentence as he is nothing but “the collective voice and will of all the twenty two millions Ro. people”, as I dared to be against their overwhelming,”united in mind & soul” conviction that in 1940 the USSR stolen(?!) from Romania no more than the “outer historical province, Moldova”, ( after-war a completely independent republic of SU) and I had to accept! that the Ro. were completely justified(?!) attacking in 1941 SU but I answered it’s not like that and the my point of view is not nationalistic as I see his idea opposed to the international law about the intangibility of the after-WWII intl.borders in Europe & in the world, so I never ever can agree to such assertion and I’ve found as unfair this demand from me agree or justify them only to keep my job there!
Instead, I’ve paid attention to their intensely obscene curiosity about my privacy, in case and by fear I am perhaps “not yet!” tasted the “forbidden apple” of the Genesis in the, for them Holy book, that Bible…;) What delicate & pious souls they have, those media journalists and politicians are, indeed! In this respect I can recognize I am a sinner, my “sin” was/is that I always was and remain an atheist, my both parents also have been atheists, and nowdays I enjoy looking at the Intl. space station, ISS daring to think insolently as this: let the astronauts/cosmonouts explain how they can pray to some “Almighty God in the Highest” in the outer space as they cannot have any kind of notion about that “Highest” there, 400 km away the Mother Earth, in gravity-0! 😉


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