Gazan Medicine

So as you all know Jerusalem is exploding in a veritable orgy of violence today. Media is overflowing with it. The word “Intifada” is on everyone’s lips. So I won’t spend more time on that. It is what it is. In the shadows of mass media attention, a different drama is unfolding.

20141104_154659 Bombed out building in Husrara. No clearance is happening. No fuel. Nothing.

I joined a meeting today, expecting nothing out of the ordinary – a meeting of the usual suspects from the NGOs and a few representatives from the Ministry of Health to relate the status in Gaza. Usually dull, these things can however be very useful for the information provided and as a networking exercise conducted more than anything to ward off lingering death by terminal boredom.

It was the most horrifying and bizarrely transfixing hour in years.

“Will we collapse?”

The earnest, almost timid question from…

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