Always between enemies. Groundless Repatriation in the Zionist Romania!

I regretfully repatriated from Israel to Romania 1985; in June 1982 I wrote a Letter, calling “a farce” the “Reunification of the Jewish families” in Israel, as the “Alyiah” of Romanian Jews was then entitled by the Ro. officials( in 1973) and also described the Israeli xenophobia toward the new-immigrants there, even that me and my family were and remained 100% Jewish, secular, not-Zionist but of Israeli citizenship only, as we renounced to the Romanian citizenship in ’73 (it was my father’s idea) also denouncing the Israeli ultra-liberal capitalism as I had, to my unbearable perplexity, to “learn”, against my sane, excellent self-trust & self-appreciation, about the complete disgrace of the capitalistic waste of young high academics, the unemployment! My Letter had a strong dramatic literature load and this only to convince the “enemy”, the Romanian authority, to make it approve finally my right to repatriate, even I hadn’t the late Ro. citizenship, indeed this could be the reason of the unexplained (by the Ro. diplomatic people in T-A!) repeated refuse to my previous petitions to the Ro. authorities.

This Letter was published in the paper I’ve addressed it, the external affairs’ political journal “The World” (“Lumea”) with some kind of strange, prudent introduction, a sort of redaction’s unpleasant commentaries on my personality… Promptly I was attacked in the Romanian language daily journalism in Israel in a vehemently vilifying and rather porn-political article, by a journalist of the Romanian Language Department of the USA’s Free Europe Radio, a sort of brutal warning “replica” to my “Letter”, entitled “The Two Orphans”,  using the most insulting terms “ad-hominem”, bluntly slandering and very aggressive threats against me and my mother, warning us about an ominous future in our “socialist” motherland, actually accusing that I had to be myself nothing but a “farce”, a propagandist farce, one of many other propaganda journalist fabricated “letters” from nostalgic Ro. (orthodox-christian!)expats published by the failing socialist establishment of Ceausescu’s , as this kind of fake was well known to the journalists in FER in West Germany that previously worked in the same system…before leaving the country!

The most significant chapter, that of demotivating my impulse to repatriate, a “business”, as I was let to understand (by the Romanian Embassy’s attaches in T-A,  hypocritically relating on this matter as to one of those damn discomforts in their routine enjoyable everyday activity…), happened in 1985, when the Romanian Embassy in Tel-Aviv strongly “recommended” us, from the beginning was there a kind of “ordering”, imposing us to sell our property in Israel, our apartment in Jerusalem, as a mandatory condition to return “forever”to Romania, brought their mostly experienced attorney and lawyer, highly “trusted” Israeli friendly collaborator of them, also a Romanian Israeli Jew, to accomplish “successfully”(for them, only!)our Repatriation!

There was no way to renounce, re-think or be deceived, it was suggested, who knows, those diplomatic team could be punished by their supervisors, their military commanders in the country, if in a moment or other I’ll find my project & initiative to repatriation, groundless, as it happened indeed!

It is to say that my mother wasn’t in any way the dominant “engine”of the process, nor the initiator, neither the “patriotic” nostalgic challenging people as she was actually perfectly adapted in Israel, me too! Also it is mandatory to say that the brisk and inappropriate “interventions” of the Romanian Embassy  diplomatic attaches in Tel-Aviv  and the behavior of their friend, the Jewish Israeli lawyer toward us, in different interventions, deceived & demotivated me strongly to continue on the same way to “repatriate”!

After all those “interventions”, including the patronizing and police-ordering  manners, as if we were in their possession already, I was in my right to completely  lose any trust in the Romanians’s honesty and in their good-will about me & mother as everything warned me against them!

It is clear that they’ve instead fabricated a hostile manner of managing me and my mother, as true enemies from the “left”, from our “noble socialist motherland” as I’ve named it in my “Letter”, but they already “knew” that they’ve been knavishly revealed to me as big “shmakim”, so they prepared to confuse, shock and muzzle me, to silence me once again in “their” ideologically changed Romania, so they’ve succeeded to give me the complete unavoidable feeling of impending disaster as nothing good to come and become once leaving Israel!

So I told to that attorney that not me nor my mother actually intended to sell our flour in Jerusalem, the French Hill, fulfilling that condition imposed to us by Bucharest to repatriate, instead he succeeded to persuade mother first and afterwards forcing me to sign, sell, package our remnant goods and leave Israel in spite of my free will; from then as judging us and castigating us, vile Romanians had managed us harshly sabotaging my Israeli documents, my national Israeli identity and my political opinions and convictions. So, from the beginning they forcibly, by debriefing/”interrogating” me in the Ro. Internal Affairs Dep., make sure that my personal political assets didn’t matched their paradigmatic main stream public opinion, that vehement nationalist (visceral hatred towards the so cold by them Soviet Imperialism or “The Russians”, probably in their vile tricky attempt to clean themselves from their crimes in the WWII, on the SU soil; meanwhile they’ve continued to participate in the Warsaw Treaty all that time, they’ve sent one of their military pilots to become a cosmonaut in USSR, not in NASA in USA and finally, one of the Ceausescu’s own suns, a physicist, Valentin, specialized in Dubna’s nuclear plant, in SU, after his studies accomplished in GB’s  Oxford Univ.! They’ve confronted me repeatedly  with that unbearable anti-SU oriented propaganda, strong Romanian POISON that actually pushed us to “Alyiah” in the ’70 , only to save our souls and lives, me & family, so that at my Repatriation they closed all the horizons in my life, throwing me hastily out of the system, I was subjected to their violent hatred behavior, they confiscated my passport and “denounced”(again!?) me to the Israeli authorities…, and they culminated in 1987 by one of their “politruk”, a medical doctor colleague, shouted at me “Go to Russia!” as he announced me he is speaking in the name of the “22 million Romanians” people united, agitating his big ugly clenched fists over my head, in a huge furious attempt to crash  me in that instant, in full daylight, this only as a “response” to my question if is he speaking in the name of  those in the Free Europe Radio, those who attacked me previously in the Israeli media of Romanian language!

In their depleted of Jewish genuine substance and scarce in people Romanian Zionist Jewish community in Bucharest I was told that they don’t want to offer me a job as a medical doctor in their medical department for I’ve left Israel and the chief rabbi banned me as he was a Zionist rabbi;  there are still now the Romanian Orthodox Church, a Zionist-Christian church, together with the Romanian Zionist main stream politics and media, that robed my image, using my intellectual property, as systematically deceived me, brutally and sadistically framed me up, from the first step of my “repatriation” and so they planned to marginalize, to throw me in the mud of their society, the Jewish Community used as a tool against me not forgetting to slender me & mother in repeatedly provocateur moments fabricated by their ubiquitous secret “intelligence” political police agents…

What I “wonder” most is how they’ve managed so neatly all those Romanian Jews in Israel Zionist Establishment, keeping on their Romanian citizenship all this time, and having the insolence to be organized, clustered in a sort of Romanian “Diaspora” in their “historical” Jewish Israeli “motherland”, when they’ve been linked to their previous country its recognition of the Palestinian State was notorious, as it was well known the presence in Bucharest of a Palestinian State Embassy! What miracle is there as they’ve been so nicely and smoothly “integrated” in the Zionist Israeli Establishment viewing all those contradictory attributes of their double and diametrically opposed citizenship?! What is the special substance of their so  flexible sociability and subservient “adaptability” and how the Zionist authorities didn’t close on them any way of professional & social political achievement, the same about the strange evolution of that fascist crap Avigdor Lieberman, a Moldavian ( Romanian?) Jew and of his Israel Beiteinu’ Party…as a lot of Russian Jews have also double citizenship with the same kind of contradiction, regarding the M-E, Palestinian Israeli diplomacy, strategy, as they are of two diametrically opposed ideologies and realities  in the field…

What sort of “miracle” is eventually there? They would present it as the proof, they want to help keeping uninterrupted Israeli-Romanian diplomatic “relationshit”(!) so that all these are the successful embodiment of the famous “Jewish Democracy” in action?!? Indeed, Ilan Pappe is right claiming against the presence of Palestinian Arab MKs in the Knesset, as their presence is used to enhance & support the fake image of the so cold “democracy” of the Israeli establishment, actually against the Palestinian BDS Campaign, namely whitewashing the apartheid, racist State of Israel, collaborating with the apartheid Israeli system, enabling and enhancing the double standard Zionist narratives!


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