Petition on Nobel Prize criteria’s transparency

No discovery of major importance in life science or medicine, nevertheless it’s impact on changing the scientific paradigm and on the mankind is worth rewarding by you if animals were sacrificed in any way, in any stage, phase of research, repeatedly, systematically or only randomly during all the strenuous scientific biomedical endeavors!
Your NP’s winners’ selection criteria must not in any way encourage, promote or excuse animal sacrifice, torture, testing, animal experimental trials in laboratories of medical, chemistry-pharmacological or physiological researches!
The mankind you are supposed to represent cannot still persist in the dishonest, stupid teleological belief that the animals exist on this planet as at hand commodities and are meant to serve to the mankind’s benefit, happiness, well-being and salvation!
You have to change criteria, carefully taking in account that awarding the Nobel Prize one cannot ignore the noxious impact of the scientists on animals! It would be mandatory to adopt an uncompromising criterion avoiding selecting those scientists that indulged themselves in animal sacrifice, no matter the apparently change of the scientific paradigm obtained, no matter the obvious “benefit” to mankind’s precious health and progress brought by the top specific research!
Why, the NP’s selection criteria can be offered transparency, once forever! Those criteria can be better morally motivated and sustained than by some inept lenient criteria allowing to true animal slaughterers, namely ambitious NP-hunting biomedical scientists, hectically sacrificing animals in their sophisticated laboratories to enjoy be rewarded by you, God forbid!
The suffering and the blood of animals must not tinge the Nobel Prize anymore, as well NP cannot reward any environmental man-made degradation, neither planetary biosphere’s variety man-made depletion & extinction!

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