Kenya’s Battle for their Rhino

On peut plus rire sur le theatre (Les Rhinoceros) de E. Ionesco! d’ailleurs il n’etais pas du tout “branche” question millieu!

Fight for Rhinos

KenyaWith only a thousand rhinos left in all of Kenya, preserving them is critical. The country has seen a loss of 100 rhinos over the last 3 years. But active strategies and political will lend optimism to the plight of Kenya’s rhinos.

In response to the crisis, the environmental cabinet secretary Judi Wakhungu has said Kenya is developing regional wildlife enforcement strategies and networks both in the country and on a global level.

 “In order to combat wildlife crime, we have strengthened policies and legal frameworks, increased law enforcement capacity, and developed effective judicial systems,” said Wakhungu.

The rampant poaching seen across the country has prompted Nairobi to revise its laws to give stiffer penalties to convicted poachers and wildlife offenders.

In addition to the government’s stance, the private sector is also stepping up efforts.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy, home to the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, has announced “a step forward in…

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