Noblesse oblige!

No discovery of major importance in life science or medicine, nevertheless it’s changing impact on the scientific paradigm and on the mankind’s benefit is worthy to be rewarded by the Nobel Forum of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, namely by the Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology, if animals were sacrificed in any way, stage, phase of research, systematically or randomly all the pathway longtime the strenuous, ambitious, top scientific biomedical endeavors were consumed!
Your selection criteria must not encourage, promote or excuse animal sacrifice, torture, testing in the experimental trials in medical, chemistry-pharmacological or physiological top scientific laboratories & researches by indomitable Nobel Prize “hunters”, too zealous scientists, from their previous “performances”, obviously cruel animal slaughterers!
The mankind You are supposed to represent in its most valuable goals, cannot still persist in the dishonest & stupid belief that the animals exist on this Planet as at-hand commodities, meant to serve to the mankind’s doubtful “progress” or “benefit”, “happiness”, lust, well-being or “salvation”!
You have to change selection criteria, uncompromisingly linking them to the urgent matter of the Animal Rights!
In Your supposedly high level of ethical competence, one cannot ignore the huge noxious impact of the bio-scientists on the animals!
Animal Rights are to become a “sine qua non” moral priority in every scientific bio-medical research, no matter the performance achieved!
NP’s selection criteria can become non-controversial and completely transparent, once forever, as well as they can be much better motivated than by cruel animal slaughterers, namely by the ambitious NP-hunting biomedical scientists, sacrificing animals as consumables or commodities in their labs of hectic experiments…
The suffering and the blood of animals must not tinge the Nobel Prize, as well as you cannot reward milieu’s man-made degradation or biosphere’s variety of animal species’s man-made depletion and extinction!

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