The “Iran nuclear crisis” is over. The “Israel nuclear crisis” has officially begun

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Nuclear weapons in the hands of lunatics

Israeli nukes threatening region, world

The so-called “Iran nuclear crisis” is over. Now, what will the nuclear non-proliferation specialists do to occupy their time?

Maybe they should target a dangerous, fanatical, hyper-aggressive, expansionist Middle Eastern regime that really IS building nuclear weapons.

That would be Israel.

There was never any real nuclear crisis in Iran, but there is a very real nuclear crisis in Israel.

Even the American CIA, which holds no love for the Islamic Republic, has repeatedly admitted that Iran is not building nuclear weapons. That hasn’t stopped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from saying that Iran is just months away from a bomb. According to Netanyahu, Iran has been months away from a bomb for decades. Fifty years from now, whoever is in charge of Israel’s Likud Party – in the unlikely event that Israel and its Likud Party…

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